In response to the many public inquiries it has received, the Board of Directors of the Bayfield Community Centre (BFIT) wishes to announce that even though the Covid shut-down mandate is being fully observed, the arena ice surface is not being removed.

Spokesman Jeff Kish advises that the community recreation organization feels it is a fundamental part of its mandate to “stay ready” to serve the needs of the public, especially in these uncertain times.  Not only is the Bayfield Community Centre team optimistic they will re-open, but they will also be extending the ice season to the end of March 2021. ‘We want to offer the public the best season we can” says Kish. “Certainly there is a cost to maintaining ice that can’t be used, but the cost of not keeping the facility in a position to serve the public is much greater.”

Our online booking system makes it easy to book you family and friends in for a skate once the lock out is removed, we will keep you posted when we will be re-opening.