First off – The Bayfield Community Centre thanks you for your support and signing up for our newsletters as we enter into our second year of operation. Despite significant covid closures throughout the Arena last season we are able to hold our heads above water financially, this was due to in great part by our dedicated and resolute team of volunteers.

Last winter, we retrofitted the entire centre from the old energy consuming lighting fixtures to New LED Lighting – savings in the range of 65-75% of our energy cost to luminate the centre.

In addition to the energy savings achieved, we recycled the old lamps and fixtures. In total 54 kg glass, .67 kg phosphor, .34 kg Mercury, 46kg PCB ballasts, and a lot of metal stayed out of the landfill.

Free Skating, thanks to our many community sponsors, we can again offer the community free skating, our weekly schedule includes “Moms and Tots and Seniors” on Monday Mornings from 10:30-11:30 – Monday evenings “Kids Shinny” from 7:00 – 8:00 and on Sundays “Family and Friends” from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Also, check our events calendar on our website for Christmas Week – Free Skate – Family Day – Free Skate and Spring Break – Free Skate, again all possible by the generous support from our local sponsors, whose new signage adorns the Arena walls.

On a final note, our marketing committee is starting to plan next year’s events and programs targeted to the wants and need of the community, if inclined we would welcome you into the committee or if you have an idea for a community focused event or initiative give us a call – together we will transform the Bayfield Complex into the Bayfield Community Centre.

Thank you again for your continuing support!

Jeff Kish, Director

Bayfield Community Centre